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Payneer Checkout

Payneer’s checkout solution provides the merchants to accept the card-based payments from anywhere and anytime. This gamechanger service is backed by Payneer’s highly secure blockchain technology and AI-based dynamic fraud management. Payneer’s checkouts are easy to set-up with a copy based like fast integration.

"Card Not Present" Transactions





Payneer mPOS

Payneer mPOS transforms the NFC based Android devices to contactless POS machine, which gives any merchants to collect any payments easily. When merchants use Payneer mPOS, it gives chance to consumer to finish the payment simply tapping their contactless card or tapping their NFC mobile wallet. Payneer mobile POS service provides merchants the flexibility and ability to serve a larger customer base.

No Additional Investment





Increased Value for CRM services

Pay with just a tap ! 

Payment is redefined: A new habit of payment is “tapping”. Payneer’s payment innovation gives consumers a chance to make the payments for everyday purchases either tapping their contactless card or NFC enabled mobile wallet. Payneer creates a best in class customer experience with its disruptive mPOS solution.

Easy To  Use



Smooth User Experience


Our Partners!

Ergi Şener

Co-founder & CEO

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Kerim Hitay 


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The Team


About Payneer

Payneer is a next-generation fintech start-up aimed at democratizing payments with its state-of-the-art, innovative, easy to use solutions.

We want to redefine payments, so we focus on all digital channels to accept payments in a fast, simple, convenient and secure way.

Payment Redefined

Providing the best payment experience is our mission


Bill Payment Services

As a Payneer, we offer innovative digital solutions to individual users and companies to facilitate bill payments and make your collections as fast as possible. You can quickly and securely make any payments, such as telephone, water, electricity, natural gas, television, government payments, and transportation card loading instructions, using your credit or debit card through Payneer's digital platform.

Offers easy, fast and secure payment options

Allows them to be informed about invoices quickly

Increases your collection performance


Money Transfer

We believe that we will remove the barriers to financial access thanks to our money transfer service's easy access over the internet, low cost and user-friendly interface with simple but high functionality.


Our target audience within the scope of money transfer service is the young population and students, housewives, individuals and companies that turn to alternative financial solutions to banks. Integrating these segments into the system will contribute to financial deepening and economic stability.

Do you want to work with us?

Payneer Wallet Account

Step into the digital payment world, by opening a free Payneer wallet account.

Our organization has carried out the license application process in order to provide the Republic of Turkey Central Bank with Virtual POS, money transfer, and bill payment services. We will start to serve the best service after obtaining our license.

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