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payment redefined

Payneer recognises the act of payment as an obstacle and operates to smooth out the experience as much as possible. We believe the concept of payment should not effect our experience in the world.

All our services are designed for a smoother experience. We will keep refining them until payment is not an obstacle

But who are we?

We are a next-generation fintech start-up aimed at democratizing payments with its state-of-the-art, innovative, easy to use solutions.​ We want to redefine payments, so we focus on all digital channels to accept payments in a fast, simple, convenient and secure way.

Payneer Checkout

Payneer’s checkout solution provides the merchants to accept the card-based payments from anywhere and anytime.

This gamechanger service is backed by Payneer’s highly secure blockchain technology and AI-based dynamic fraud management. Payneer’s checkouts are easy to set-up with a copy based like fast integration.

Bill Payment Services

As a Payneer, we offer innovative digital solutions

to individual users and companies to facilitate bill payments

and make your collections as fast as possible.

You can quickly and securely make any payments, such as telephone, water, electricity, natural gas, television, government payments, and transportation card loading instructions, using your credit or debit card through Payneer's digital platform.

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